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Andaman Travel Guides Policies

Terms and Condition

  1. “Andaman Travel Guide” is not liable if a vendor cancels services because of a change in the weather or for any other reason (Like Hotels, ferries, cruise, vehicles, shows, airlines, etc).
  2. You can also be subject to the cancellation policies of the suppliers or vendors that are involved in your specific arrangements in addition to the aforementioned cancellation fees.
  3. All refunds will be processed as soon as the service is cancelled, but not later than 30 days after that. Travel Andaman will receive the refunds by any means that are practical.
  4. Customers are urged to give accurate information; if incorrect information is given (even accidentally), and problems or disputes arise as a result, Travel Andaman will not consider them, and the client is responsible for any resulting issues, fines, or additional costs.
  5. Prices are given for the lowest category of available rooms in the corresponding hotels.

Note: The above plan is a rough guide; the precise order of the trip will depend on things like the availability of boat tickets, hotel rooms, holidays, and other things.
While we will make every effort to visit all the attractions included in the schedule, we cannot be held liable or responsible for tours that are cut short because ferry or boat tickets are not available, there are holidays, guests are running late, or other similar circumstances.

Payment Policy & Mode of Payment

  1. When making a reservation, 60 percent of the entire cost should be paid, and the remaining 40 percent must be paid by the arrival day in order to execute the tour.
  2. We won’t accept checks or cash as a form of payment in Port Blair under any circumstances; the remaining balance must be paid in full before the day of arrival either (by check, Net Banking, or Direct Cash Deposit).
  3. We have the right to reject the use of personal checks as payment.

Booking Cancellation Policy

If a reservation is cancelled for any reason, whether avoidable or unavoidable, the cancellation must be announced in writing.
The following cancellation fees would apply, and they would take effect as of the day we receive written notice:-

  • 30 days before cancellation 25% deduction on total tour packages amounts.
  • 29 & 15 days before cancellation 50% deduction on total tour packages amounts.
  • 14 & 08 days before cancellation 75% deduction on total tour packages amounts.
  • 07 or less day before cancellation 100% deduction on total tour packages amounts.

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