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About Neil (Shaheed Dweep)

Neil Island is most recognised for its unrivalled biodiversity and vast expanse of thick tropical forests and foliage, which are balanced by white sand beaches and abundant coral reefs.The Shaheed Dweep, as it is currently known, is a tiny island that covers only 13.7 square kilometres and is mostly covered with forest.

A Short Description of Neil (Shaheed Dweep)

Due to its abundant biodiversity, unexplored coral reefs, white sand beaches, and tropical forests, Neil Island makes for the perfect getaway. Only 13.7 square kilometres make up this island. Due to the level ground and small size, Neil can easily get around on a bicycle. The island, with its relaxed atmosphere and obvious attractiveness, provides a calming contrast to its neighbour Havelock. People who want to unwind on long stretches of deserted beach should visit Neil Island. Due to its low traffic, lack of activities, and lack of resorts, this island is perfect for tourists who want to travel to the island’s communities. Neil Island is the rustic masterpiece of the Andaman Islands. Spend quality time at the beaches named after legendary characters from the Ramayana or engage in water sports in the clear blue waters.

How would I travel to Neil (Shaheed Dweep)?

Only a ferry from Port Blair can take you to Neil Island. Governmental and private ships can transport people between this island and Port Blair and other nearby islands. The best method to travel is via private ferry. It is extremely unlikely to obtain a guaranteed ticket for the government boats because the majority of the seats are reserved for islanders and there is no way to buy online. It is recommended that you purchase your tickets online and in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

Popular Neil (Shaheed Dweep) Tourist Destinations

The Howrah Bridge, a naturally occurring bridge, is Neil’s most well-known landmark. Visit rocky beach No. 2 at low tide to see this natural “wonder,” when you may walk over the dead corals and rocks to get there. Some people might find the sea animals fascinating as well. On some areas of the reef, little fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, and even gorgeous corals are slowly making a comeback. Walking with caution is advised due to the rocky surface’s potential for slipperiness in some places and many of its jagged edges. As the last stop before arriving at the sunset point, the area can become congested with tourists in the late afternoons. Before making travel arrangements here, check the tidal times!

Natural Bridge at Beach Number 2 must be accessed by a road before being reached by foot via a short, steep, rocky distance.
About 2.5 kilometres from the jetty and 2 km from the market area separate the beach’s entrance (centre of town). To get here, you can hire a cab, auto-rickshaw, bicycle, or 2-wheeler. To observe the natural bridge, you must first arrive at the main entrance, park your car outside, proceed up a rocky route, and then proceed a little distance through the rocky shoreline. Go while the tide is low and put on comfy shoes.

Long stretches of white sand beach, turquoise lakes, and a dense forest. Beach No. 1 is ideal, with old fallen trees being carried away by the waves. Swimming can be done at either high or low tide, but high tide is preferred. Keep a few rocks and some corals alive beneath the water’s surface. The best snorkelling on the islands can be found at Beach No. 1, where a variety of vibrant fish and corals can be seen. A dugong (also known as a sea cow) may be seen munching on seagrass if you’re lucky.

The beach is also known as the island’s sunset point, thus around dusk, a lot of people congregate there to take a photo or two before going to dinner. You can always find a particular area to appreciate this gem all to yourself because the lovely tranquil beach is typically nearly empty.

Neil Island’s far westernmost beach, Lakshmanpur Beach, is also referred to as Beach #1. The distance to the market and jetty are around 2 and 2.5 kilometres, respectively. The best course of action will depend on where you are starting from and how much time you have. The streets of Neil are level and easy to travel by foot or bicycle. Renting a 2-wheeler, an auto-rickshaw, or a cab is a more practical option for mobility (daily rentals only). One might be obtained from your hotel or can be found at the jetty. To get the beach access, you must proceed a short distance on a narrow dirt route that starts at a sharp turn where the paved road ends.

The island’s tip is where Sitapur Beach, also known as Beach No. 5, is situated, about 5 kilometres from the market. As a result of its excellent location for viewing the spectacular sunrise every morning, it is also known as “the dawn beach.” On this picture-perfect serene beach, two curved coves and crystal blue waves beckon visitors to take a dip.

Despite the fact that swimming is always permitted, it is subject to higher tides and stronger currents because of its location. Along the white stretches of the smooth beach, there is a tonne of shade provided by the palm trees. Visitors can stroll to the second bay during low tide and explore tiny caves, or they can unwind on Sitapur beach. There aren’t any amenities yet because the beach isn’t often used; the only thing you can buy there are fresh coconuts. It’s only 100 metres to a lodge with a modest restaurant if you run out of water or are hungry.

On Neil Island, which is to the east, is Sitapur Beach. The distance to the market is about 5.5 kilometres, and the distance to the jetty is about 6 kilometres. The best course of action will depend on where you are starting from and how much time you have. The streets of Neil are level and easy to travel by foot or bicycle. Renting a 2-wheeler, an auto-rickshaw, or a cab is a more practical option for mobility (daily rentals only). One might be obtained from your hotel or can be found at the jetty.

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