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About Diglipur Island

One of Andaman’s most well-known locales is the well-known Diglipur Island, which is situated in the northernmost part of the island. This location is at the top of the list for Andaman ecotourism sites. The island is home to a number of beaches, including Ross and Smith, Kalipur, Ramnagar, and Pathi Level. Famous hikers frequently travel through this archipelago, and there is a big water sports scene here.

A Short Description of Diglipur Island

Although Diglipur is the largest town in the North Andaman Islands, it is frequently disregarded because of its isolation from other well-known tourist attractions (Havelock and Port Blair). However, it’s conceivable that the same remoteness is what makes Diglipur so distinctive and fascinating.

Due to the abundance of plants and animals, the natural parks, and the robust marine life, there are numerous ways to actively enjoy your vacation here. Diglipur is a wonder for all, from climbing the tallest peak in the Bay of Bengal to seeing an active mud volcano, the magnificent twin islands of Ross and Smith, and turtles (nesting and hatching) on pristine beaches.

How would I travel to Diglipur Island?

The boat is the most well-liked way of transportation to Diglipur. From Phoenix Bay to Aerial Bay, where it is roughly 9 kilometres to Diglipur and 9 kilometres to Kalipur in the other way, direct ship services are offered three to four times every week. The journey takes about 10 hours, while longer but more convenient overnight sailing trips are also an option. The Phoenix Bay office and the Diglipur administrative building, both close to “the Dolphin circle,” both sell tickets.

You can alternatively head north on the Andaman Trunk Road, which crosses three creeks and the Jarawa tribal region. On the other hand, the journey is exhausting and might last up to 12 hours.  Every day, several early-morning buses travel from Port Blair to Diglipur. At least one day before the scheduled departure, the tickets must be booked. There are also private air-conditioned buses available, but they cost extra.

Popular Diglipur Island Tourist Destinations

The most well-known sight to see in North Andaman is without a doubt the stunning Ross and Smith twin islands, which are connected by a short, fifty-meter-long sand bar. This silky white sand strip vanishes into the water during high tide and reappears during low tide. The bar divides the great snorkelling from the modest swimming area on one side. The calm, crystal-clear waters and unspoiled, pristine beaches on the islands are some of its most beautiful features.

The best feature is that you frequently get the entire scene to yourself because the beach is rarely crowded. Tropical trees line the shore, and the inner islands are great for hiking on nature trails. There are a few facilities on Smith Island, such as huge bamboo huts with lots of shade, restrooms, and changing areas.

You can take a boat from the Diglipur Jetty to the islands of Ross and Smith. These are small fibre motorboats that can hold six to ten people. The trip to the islands, which are 8 kilometres away, takes 20 minutes. Prior to boarding the boat, passengers must acquire both boat tickets and forest permits at the jetty. to get to Diglipur’s Jetty. You can hire a cab, an auto-rickshaw, or a two-wheeled vehicle

Near Diglipur, the majestic Saddle Peak rises majestically from the dense evergreen forest and provides breathtaking views of the Middle and North Andaman beaches. With a height of 732 metres, it is the highest point in the Bay of Bengal archipelago. A bio-diverse natural paradise, the deep rainforest is home to over 13 unique bird species, 36 native bug species, and 6 native tree species. Due to the abundance of the forest land, it has since been recognised as a National Park. Adventurers will love Saddle Peak because it is a popular place for trekking.

The 8-kilometer rise is hard and long. Even the most experienced hikers could struggle on a sunny day! The only river in the Andamans is called Kalpong, which flows through the jungle and offers a wonderful freshwater stream that is suitable for drinking. Prior to passing through various types of vegetation on its ascent to the peak, the trail skirts the coastline. There are three overlooks; the one in the middle offers the best view of the nearby islands.

You have to hike 9 kilometres uphill to get to the top of the Saddle Peak. Contrarily, the start of the hiking trail is reachable by road and may be reached by hiring a cab, auto-rickshaw, or two-wheeler. Buses run multiple times daily, but be sure to check the schedules because the hike will require you to come early. You must have a forest department permit in order to hike to Saddle Peak because it is situated inside a reserve forest. You can do this by making a little admission fee payment.

In Diglipur, there are more than 41 undiscovered caverns, one of which was given the name Alfred Caves after the researcher who discovered it. These limestone caverns are similar to those in Baratang, but they are completely obscured by the vegetation there. These caverns are stunning but difficult to access, so a walk there is not for the faint of heart.

You must go through narrow forest roads for an hour to get to the caverns. It is required to hire a guide because it could be challenging to navigate the convoluted forest pathways. You will arrive in a forest, from which you can travel to two or three different caverns, after about an hour of hiking. The caverns are best explored between October and April because the wet season makes the pathways slick and hazardous.

It is important for all outdoor enthusiasts planning to visit this region to be informed that it is completely wild and undeveloped, so do not expect to find luxurious transportation or other amenities there. Don’t forget to pack plenty of drinks and a good pair of sneakers. The Alfred caverns are a natural breeding ground for swiftlet birds, making them a home for these species. The edible nests are sold once the birds have fledged them and are highly regarded in Chinese cuisine. Bats in particular can be spotted nearby among other animals. It is crucial to watch out for these animals and safeguard their habitat. The forest service does not take careless action in the face of disasters or littering.

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